The Wasteland

Poet T.S. Eliot struggles to reconcile his homosexuality with societal, professional and religious restrictions. A musical taking place in a Gatsby inspired early Twentieth Century London and within Eliot’s imagination, populated by characters from his writing, each offering different advice.


Her secret story

A writer exposes and explores Emily Dickinson’s struggles with lesbian love, BDSM, insanity, and incest.  But as he gazes at the monsters in the abyss, he finds that the abyss is gazing back at him, exposing his own dark secrets and driving him to suicide.


the poet on trial

Ezra Pound was the single greatest contributor to the growth of literature and literary celebrities in the Twentieth Century. He was also a Fascism supporter, broadcasting anti-war and anti-Semitic rhetoric during WWII. Should we be measured by our best moments, or our worst?



In Britain, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E.) sets up guidelines about who should live and who should die for terminal patients.  What happens when they decide your comatose mother must die?  What starts out as a debate about issues of nationalized health care quickly turns into a debate about the value of human life. Four siblings are forced to confront death and their own inner demons.